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Surrey Travel Smart Journey Planner - Quick Help (?)

Surrey Travel Smart Journey Planner allows you to explore Surrey and plan a multi-modal journey.

Select your start and end points

There are two ways to plan your journey. Provide an address, or right click on the map to select a start or end point.

When using the text boxes please enter as much address detail as possible, then select the correct address from the list. Alternatively you can right click on the map. You can also move the 'pin' and your journey will be automatically updated.

Remember you can select/deselect the modes used in journey calculations.

To plan a return journey press the grey arrow keys next to the address text boxes to reverse the start and end points.

Exploring the Map

Use the control buttons at the top right of the map to choose what information you would like to see. This includes: cycle routes, bus stops, train stations and road works. You can plan a journey from anywhere on the map by using right click on any area of the map or using the text boxes.

Walking Routes

Walking routes will, where possible, take you along pedestrianised streets and avoid busy roads.

Cycling routes

For cycling our journey planner suggests fastest / quietest / balanced cycle journeys in the UK. It knows the Sustrans National Cycle Routes (NCR) and avoids hills. All results are provided by Cycle Streets. NCR on directions means National Cycle Route

You can access the following routing suggestions by clicking on "Advanced options"

  • Quietest route - Avoids busy roads where possible, more likely to require walking some sections
  • Fastest route - More likely to use busier roads
  • Balanced route - The most practical for the average cyclist who wants to get there quick-ish, and is happy to dismount for short sections

If you decide to follow any suggested journey please take extra care on unfamiliar sections; proceed at your own risk (route quality cannot be guaranteed).

For providing feedback on routing, please contact CycleStreets directly.

Public Transport

All public transport data is sourced directly from Traveline. If you experience any issues with the journey details provided, please feedback to Traveline directly via their contact form.

Public transport journeys are available for up to three months in advance, select the dates and times at the top of the screen. Journeys planned more than 14 days in advance should be checked again.

Click on any of the options shown to display times and where the bus stops are. You can click on the bus stop for more information. For the real time bus information click, Departure Information from this stop. Surrey County Council is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

Driving Routes

Driving route information will provide you with the quickest driving route possible, and will prioritise main roads and trunk roads where possible.

About the Journey Planner and Mapping

The interactive map and journey planner results are powered by Open Street Map data. Open Street Map is the ‘wikipedia’ of maps and can be edited and updated by anyone. If you see something on the map or in a journey plan that looks incorrect or is missing - you can edit yourself by signing up and getting involved. The results for journey planning routes will be updated automatically over the next week. Mapping information will be updated every couple of months. All you need is a web-browser! For more information on editing and getting involved, please visit this useful webpage.


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